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  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes Moolooloo Station is pet friendly
  • Do I need a 4WD?
    Getting to Moolooloo Station is accessible by 2WD as are some of our camp sites. A 4WD is required to access some campsites and Points of Interest on the Station.
  • Is there mobile reception?
    There is no mobile reception at Moolooloo Station, Wi-Fi can be accessed from the Station Homestead. The closest mobile reception is Blinman and Parachilna
  • Can I access Ferguson Gorge as a day visitor?
    Yes, day visitors are very welcome to pay and access our scenic drive and bush walk to Ferguson Gorge. Just check in at the homestead at the whiteboard.
  • Can I bring my dirt bike?
    No, we do not allow dirt bikes. Registered bikes can access public access roads but are not permitted on private tracks or anywhere else on the station.
  • How many sheep do you have?
    Currently, we have about 5000 Merino sheep. This number will fluctuate between 4000 and 7000 depending on seasonal conditions.
  • Can we bring our caravan?
    The accessibility of our various locations varies. We do have some sites that are accessible for conventional caravans but most of our sites require off road vans or camper vans/camper trailers. Where people feel comfortable to take their caravans is also very individual. Speak to us for guidance on this before booking.
  • Can I tow a caravan or camper trailer to Blinman Hut?
    The track to Blinman Hut is recommended for high clearance 4WD vehicles and fully off road gear only. The track is a bit tight in places for large set ups. We recommend that it is not suitable for caravans.
  • Can we bring extra people?
    Generally, yes, as long as there is enough room. All of our sites are booked to only one group at at time so you can bring extras. Just let us know so that we can charge for additional people.
  • Can we use a generator?
    Yes, you have the whole area to yourself so there is no one to disturb with noise.
  • Can we book one room of the Shearer’s Quarters?
    No, the quarters is booked as a whole. However, there is no reason why a small group cannot book it out.
  • Is there water in the creeks?
    Generally not. The creeks act as a storm water drainage system when it rains higher up in the hills and usually only flow for several hours after rain events.
  • How hard is the walk to Ferguson Gorge?
    The 1.5 kms walk to the gorge is moderate. It can be done by children of all ages and adults with moderate fitness and good mobility.
  • Do we need to book a campsite before we arrive?
    Definitely, we do not have a staffed office so you cannot book once here.
  • What if we need to cancel?
    If you need to cancel more than 14 days out form check in a full refund will be provided. If within 14 days of check in a credit will be provided for you to reschedule when it suits you.
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