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We have a range of scheduled campsites available
Camp under the stars in serenity, no need to share with the crowds.
           Kids camp free, Dogs welcome, Firearms and motorbikes not permitted.

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  • At Moolooloo we have multiple camp sites suitable to different sized groups, different needs, and preferences.

  • All sites are unpowered and bookings are exclusive- booked to only one group at a time. 

  • Some of our sites have eco toilets. Starting at $40 per night. includes 2 people, extra adults $20 per night.

  • Some sites are basic bush camp sites for those who are fully self contained. Starting at $25 per night, includes 2 people, extra adults $12.50 per night.

  • Some sites are accessible by 4WD and off road camping gear only, while others are accessible by conventional vehicles and caravans. 

  • All sites are set in spectacular surrounds.

Get in touch so that we can help you to choose the site that suits your needs. 

While you are here, why not explore the station and the surrounding region. There is so much nature, culture and history to take in. 

Every guest is provided with maps and information to make their stay as busy or relaxing as they want it to be. Drive or walk up to our stunning look outs at Knob Hill and Sunset Boulevard,  drive out to the historic Nuccaleena Mine Ruins, and take a day to do our amazing scenic drive and bush walk out to Ferguson Gorge. The drive out to Ferguson Gorge takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery the Flinders has to offer. High clearance 4WD required for exploring the station.

Dogs allowed. 

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Third Water

Third water Camp is a great spot to get away with friends or just on your own. It is situated in the river red gums on the bank of the impressive Oratunga Creek and will fit up to 4 vehicles and camping set ups. It has an eco-toilet and also a privacy shed for your camping shower. There are some great locations to explore nearby on foot and also it is centrally located to enjoy all of the main attractions of the station. 


4WD and off road camping gear required.

Willigon Green

Willigon is our largest site and is perfect for large groups. Located in the heart of the station in open country among the native pines it is private and secluded. This site has an eco-toilet and creek nearby.


4WD vehicles and off road camping gear required.


Witchie’s is a fantastic camp site tucked away on the Witchie’s Creek. It is a small site with an eco-toilet, suitable for one or two set ups. The slate filled creeks that pass by the camp offer many hours of exploration for visitors of all ages. Not far from the main attractions of Moolooloo but tucked away in a very secluded and private spot. 


4WD vehicles and off road camping gear required.  Not suited to very large vans.

Basic Bush Camps

Our range of basic bush camps are diverse in location and features. We have a couple of sites suited to conventional vehicles and caravans, but most require high clearance 4WD to access and are not suitable for caravans. Please note that all visitors to our basic bush camps must have their own camping toilet.


  • Boundary Camp: Nestled in the red gums on the bank of the Oratunga Creek, this is a great spot for one or two vehicles and camping set ups. Suitable for conventional vehicles and caravans.

  • Doyle’s Camp: Deep in to the station off of the stunning Gap Creek, Doyle’s is a moderately  large area in the heart of Moolooloo. Surrounded by stunning red gums and hills, it is worth the drive. Suitable for high clearance 4WD and off road camping gear only.

  • Grid Camp: Set in an open area on the bank of a gum creek Grid Camp is suitable for most vehicles and camping gear and will accommodate groups.

  • Hannigan’s Camp: This is for those who like it remote. Hannigan’s Camp is situated in the heart of Hannigan’s Gap in the native pines. A large area to choose from, it is not far from our stunning Ferguson Gorge.. Suited to high clearance 4WD and fully off road camping gear.  

  • Knob Hill Camp: A great spot on the far side of Knob Hill Look out. Plenty of area for a group but suited to off road camping gear and 4WD vehicles only. 

  • Wagon Wheel Camp: An open area on the bank of a gum creek this site is suited to most vehicles and camping gear, including conventional caravans. Can fit up to several vehicles and set ups. 

  • Woolly Camp: A large, open area with sweeping views of the Mount Samuel range. This site is suitable for  most camping gear, including off road caravans.



Do NOT camp in creek beds as flooding can occur unexpectedly. 

Do NOT camp under gum trees in case of branches falling. 

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